Kevin Garnett will honor late teammate Malik Sealy by wearing #2 in Brooklyn

Published on July 13th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 10,116 views

When Kevin Garnett joined the Boston Celtics after wearing the number 21 for 12 years in Minnesota, he had to pick a new number because 21 was retired by the Celtics.  He chose the number 5 because he was the #5 pick in the NBA draft. KG’s newest residence is in Brooklyn and had the opportunity to bring back the #21, but instead, in honor of his late teammate and friend Malik Sealy, Garnett will wear #2 as a Net.

Malik was born in the Bronx, NY and attended St Johns University before becoming the 14th pick by the Indiana Pacers in 1992. After bouncing around for a couple of years, Malik ended up in Minnesota with KG. Malik would spend 2 seasons as KG’s friend and mentor before his tragic death in 2000.  KG is reminded every year of the passing of Malik because Malik was killed by a drunk driver while heading home from KG’s 24th birthday party.

My favorite KG moment is probably KG’s most memorable dunk.  The rebound dunk against the Kings (play #2 in the above video) was insane but it was the screaming and pointing to the banner of Malik Sealy that was raised earlier in the night that made it so memorable.

Brooklyn rapper AZ said it best “Feel me, I’m loved like the great late Malik Sealy.”



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