Kevin Garnett & Rasheed Wallace Test Out The Cuss Button On KG’s New Show “Area 21″

Published on November 4th, 2016 by Astramskas, David | 3,624 views

There’s only one rule on Kevin Garnett’s new TNT show “Area 21″: keep it real! So who better to have on the first episode than NBA tech God Rasheed Wallace.

The two high school legends and 1995 lotto picks (Sheed was picked at 4 and KG at 5), who had a rivalry in the late 90s when KG was with the Wolves and Sheed with the Blazers, discussed everything from super teams to breaking up in the NBA to Isaiah Thomas vs Uncle Drew to Russell Westbrook’s fashion.

“That’s a fine.” Said Sheed about Westbrook’s official photographer outfit.

I don’t know who the future show guests are going to be but the chemistry between KG and Sheed is unlike any combo TNT or the NBA has tried to put together on television and I’m sure most people would agree, Sheed needs to be a co-host or at least a¬†reoccurring guest on Area 21.

And here’s KG roasting Rasheed Wallace’s outfit back in 2009.

 1996 Rookie Game: KG vs Sheed

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