Kobe scores 27 points, hits 3 straight clutch shots in finals 2 mins vs Suns

Daniel Soto Daniel SotoAbout the Author

| October 22nd, 2014 | 285 Views

Now this is the Kobe news I want to see on ESPN. The one hitting clutch shots one after another on ESPN Sportscenter. Not the one being discussed as the 40th best player in the league, or the one who is “reason for the LA Lakers’ downfall” and definitely not the one that ESPN “idiots” believe earned “sizzle” and sold more sneakers because he was accused of rape.

Although the Lakers did lose last night’s OT game against the Suns (thanks Isaiah & Gerald!), Kobe put on a show with a game-high 27 points including 8 in the final 2 of regulation before Thomas hit a buzzer beater to put the game into OT.  Kobe also shot 50% (10-20) for the first time this preseason but only had 4 rebounds and 2 assists to go with 5 turnovers.






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