Kobe Bryant vs Julius Randle in practice

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| October 5th, 2014 | 181 Views

Lakers rookie Julius Randle grew up a Kobe fan, aced a “how much do you know about Kobe quiz” and now he gets to guard and get chewed out by the Lakers legend everyday  in practice.

According to Rick Fox, during this Saturday morning practice session, the 36 year old Kobe got on the 19 year old Randle for “hiding in certain lines” during conditioning drills.

Kobe later said the reason why he’s pushing Randle so hard is because he thinks the rook has the potential to “be something special.”

That’s something Kentucky head coach John Calipari will agree with. In a recent interview, Calipari had some high praise for Randle with this comparison to a former Lakers/College great that Kobe’s pretty familiar with.


Source: Lakerholicz

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