After a year of being apart and liking and disliking a Drake song, Kobe and wife Vanessa took to Facebook and Instagram to announce ...(Read more)

Kobe celebrates reconciliation with wife by wearing $650 loafers / No $1.36million support payments!



After a year of being apart and liking and disliking a Drake song, Kobe and wife Vanessa took to Facebook and Instagram to announce that they have called off their divorce.  Maybe that new spark in their relationship and unloading of stress is a big cause for the statistically amazing season he’s having.  He has his happy family back together and he’s not going to be writing a $1.36 million check a month!  Yep, that divorce could of cost him up to $1.36 million A MONTH! I did not say annually and when you are spending that type of money a month you might want to cut back on some expenses such as $650 Ralph Lauren Velvet Collis Loafers!

Attorney Andrew J Botros broke down those divorce number for Larry Brown Sports

According to Forbes, Kobe’s annual income is somewhere in the neighborhood of $53.2 million dollars. Assuming that he has 50/50 custody of his two daughters, Kobe would have to pay somewhere near $365,000 in child support under the California Guideline. He also would probably have to pay somewhere around $1,000,000 in spousal support.

These are not annual figures. These are monthly estimates.

Also, Kobe would qualify as an extraordinarily high-income earner under California law, which means that he could argue that his two daughters don’t need $365,000 per month because … what kids need $365,000 per month?

On the other hand, under California law, children are allowed to share in the lavish lifestyles of their parents. Kobe’s daughters may not need Maseratis or Ferraris, but they are entitled to have Papa Kobe shell out for things like private school tuition, ponies, music lessons, etc.

I didn’t mention property division. Kobe and Vanessa were married on April 18, 2001. Under California law, every penny Kobe earned from basketball or endorsements from the date of marriage to the date of separation is considered community property. It’s half Kobe’s and half Vanessa’s. That also applies to every mansion, car, yacht, or private jet that the either party purchased with community money.

Thankfully for Kobe, he wont have to go through this and what Michael Jordan went through in his $168 million divorce.  Speaking of Michael Jordan and divorce.  Yesterday Jordan’s main man Ahmad Rashad is being divorced by his more wealthy wife ($100+ million) Sale Johnson.  One of the rumors is “he spends too much time running around with Michael Jordan.”   I guess the adult version of  “NBA Inside Stuff” is still being made.

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