Kobe Makes Rookie Teammate Get Off The Bench So He Could Sit Down

Published on January 27th, 2016 by Astramskas, David | 2,569 views

Samaki Walker probably enjoyed this clip.  Earlier in the day, the former teammate of Kobe Bryant made some noise when he told a radio show an amusing story about Kobe sucker punching him over $100. It was 1 of many, many stories about Kobe disrespecting teammates. Many of those former teammates also ended up with championship rings because of Kobe.

It’s safe to say Larry “Steal of the Draft” Nance Jr isn’t going to win a ring with Kobe, but he is going to have lots of amusing stories to tell his children one day about playing with Kobe: like the time Kobe made him get off the bench and sit on the floor so he could take a seat.  Savage! Maybe it was payback for old tweets (i’m kidding).

But Kobe did show some appreciation for a former All-Star teammate; Kobe gave Dirk a slap on the butt after Dirk hit a game-winning shot over Julius Randle.



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