(2009) Kobe Bryant set a MSG record with 61 points

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“It’s a blessing to do what you love and to have moments like this,” Kobe Bryant said after scoring a MSG record 61 points back in 2009.

Here’s how the Lakers legend racked up 61, via 20 Second Time-Out

  • Isolation: 16 points
  • Off screen: 9 points
  • Spot up: 6 points
  • Pick and Roll: 4 points
  • Transition: 4 points
  • Cut: 2 points
  • Free Throw:  20 points


In 2014, Carmelo Anthony scored 62, breaking Kobe’s record by a point. Before Kobe, the previous record by an opponent was set by Michael Jordan in 1995, when he dropped a double nickel on Ewing and crew just weeks after making his return to the NBA.

Kobe Bryant, Jared Jeffries, Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington



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