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Kobe’s Dad & grandmother siding with his mom over Auction dispute

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For the past week it’s been Kobe vs his Mother in the media over the cease and desist letter Kobe’s lawyer sent to Pamela Bryant to stop her from selling Kobe’s high school memorabilia that she said was a gift from her son.

Now Kobe’s Dad and Grandmother got involved, taking the side of his Mom saying that Kobe did give her the collection which Kobe denies.  Kobe’s sister, Sharia Washington, filed a declaration claiming the Mom has been planning this for years and telling family members how much they could profit from it.

According to the Courier-Post

In a declaration filed in federal court in Camden Monday, Pamela Bryant claimed sworn statements by her son and daughter-in-law contained “many false statements.” She rejected Kobe Bryant’s account of a May 2 phone conversation, in which she allegedly agreed that he had never told her she could have his belongings.

“This conversation never occurred and I never made that statement,” Pamela Bryant said.

She also said her son “never demanded the return of any of the items, nor were they in any way improperly taken from him without his permission.”

The athlete’s father, Joseph Bryant, and his grandmother, Mildred Cox, supported the mother’s claim that Kobe Bryant had declined an opportunity to take the collectibles from the parents’ home in suburban Philadelphia.

They said the athlete and his wife had visited the parents’ home in 2005, when the Lakers were in town to play the Philadelphia 76ers. Each said Pamela Bryant took her son and daughter-in-law upstairs to see the sports memorabilia, then returned to say they had no interest in the items.

“My son gave my wife these items over the years, stating, “HereMom, these are for you,” said Joseph Bryant, a former pro basketball player.

Joseph Bryant said he suggested to his son “on several occasions that it would be nice for him to take some of the memorabilia he had given to his mother and set up a room in his California house to display the items. He declined to do so.”

The parents also challenged Kobe Bryant’s claim that two items on the auction list, a Teen Choice Award surfboard and a trophy, had disappeared from his California home.

His mother and father said they moved to Palisades Park home in 1996, but were asked to leave shortly after Kobe Bryant met his future wife.

“The moving company Kobe hired delivered all our belongings, including the memorabilia, to our house in Pennsylvania,” Joseph Bryant said. “These items were given to my wife by Kobe.”

It looks like the off and on icy relationship between Kobe and his parents are going to be back to off.  The first time they split was when Kobe married Vanessa Bryant who the parents did not approve of.

We obviously don’t even know half of the story and for all I know Pamela Bryant is a worse mom than Faye Dunaway in ‘Mommie Dearest’ but at the end of the day all I can think of is Kobe’s mom might not of always been with him when he was shooting in the gym but she did carry his ass 9 months in her body before giving birth to him….but who sells their kid’s accomplishments.  My mom wouldn’t sell a stick figure drawing I did as a kid even if she was dirt poor which is something Pamela Bryant is far from.

Source: TMZ & Courier Post

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