Kyrie Irving Addresses Comments About Gold Medal Being “Pretty Much The Same” As NBA Championship

Carmelo Anthony has been catching some criticism lately for saying he agrees with NBA champion Kyrie Irving that a Gold Medal is “pretty much the same” as a NBA championship. The reason for the criticism is because Melo is ringless and on his way to winning his 3rd Gold Medal, which will be an Olympic basketball record and make him the Robert Horry of Olympic basketball.

I can understand why a basketball player would value a NBA championship more than a Gold medal because they spend their whole professional careers chasing NBA rings and only have an opportunity to go for Gold once every four years (longer than the average NBA career). But I personally don’t think winning a Gold for being on a team (ex: Christian Laettner winning a Gold for sitting on the bench for the Dream Team) is the same as winning a Gold for an individual effort.  And that’s why I’m more impressed with Michael Phelps’ 25 gold medals than Robert Horry’s 7 NBA championships. But I don’t have either and it would be silly for me to say which one a winner of these achievements should value more. So here’s Kyrie addressing the topic on snapchat (wouldn’t it have been easier to record a rant on Twitter or Instagram?).

It’s my opinion. I personally feel that way. It doesn’t matter what anybody else think about it.

I know the difference in the journey of winning a Gold medal and NBA championship.

In terms of the feeling and the accomplishment, in my opinion, for me, they are almost the same because neither one is guaranteed.

For me, I appreciate the journey and the reward.

It’s an accomplishment I will remember for the rest of my life, if it happens.

Thinking back on it, I would still say the same thing.

I get more excitement for the people that I’ve done it with and basically bonded forever.