Kyrie Irving “Punches” Paul Pierce In The Ribs, Gets Flagrant 1 Foul

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During the 4th quarter of the Clippers easy win against the Cavs, Kyrie Irving took out some of his frustration on Paul Pierce by throwing a punch/elbow/whatever at the ribs of the 4th oldest player in the league after running into his screen. C’mon Uncle Drew, of all people, you should know you need to respect your elders. Not that it really mattered to Pierce. He looked unfazed, then again, we are talking about a guy who was once stabbed 11 times.

The refs responded to the hit by hitting Irving with an offensive and flagrant 1 foul.

Irving finished the game with a game-high 28 points and also disrespected players closer to his age, like Chris Paul on this spin move.