Larry Bird is a top 5 player of all-time — my opinion. Larry Bird is the greatest Celtic of all-time — my opinion.  Larry Bird is ...(Read more)

Ladies Love Larry Legend


Larry Bird is a top 5 player of all-time — my opinion. Larry Bird is the greatest Celtic of all-time — my opinion.  Larry Bird is the greatest shooter of all-time — my opinion.  Larry Bird is not a handsome individual — close enough to be a fact.  The man that was generously placed #8 on Bleacher Report’s 25 Ugliest Players in NBA history may not have as many known groupie tales as the other GOATS (Wilt, Magic, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, etc) but that doesn’t mean the private life of Bird didn’t have it’s share of baby mama drama and woman.

Before he married his girlfriend from Indiana State in 1989, he was actually married at Indiana State to his high school sweetheart but divorced her before she gave birth to his daughter.  Bird reportedly refused to accept her or pay the $40 a week in child support. He eventually took the Jerry Springer test and agreed to have the $40 come out of his rookie checks with the Boston Celtics. Even though his daughter would eventually go to Indiana State and also play basketball, she never had a relationship or any contact with her Dad until almost 20 years after she was born, when the father and daughter briefly met after an Indiana Pacers game he was coaching.

Maybe the craziest ladies love Larry rumor/story is that he allegedly has an illegitimate daughter with a black woman and the daughter was dating NFL player Cam Newton last year. If it sounds like Bird is having some Nas issues with daughters, it was his 21-year-old son that was arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to run over his ex-girlfriend with a car!

From the sounds of what little we know of Bird’s personal life, it’s probably a good thing we don’t have many off the court stories. They can’t top his on the court stories anyways: My personal favorite is Doc Rivers talking about Bird dropping 60 on his Hawks and how players on the Atlanta bench were falling out of their chairs after shots made by Bird. Those bench warmers were also fined and supposedly they pulled a Bird and refused to pay it.



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Source: Sports Illustrated


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