If you still haven’t read the must-read SI article about Kobe by Chris Ballard then click here and read it. I’m serious you really shouldn’t read another word ...(Read more)

Lakers Therapist says Kobe’s Pain Tolerance is “Highest I’ve Ever Seen”

If you still haven’t read the must-read SI article about Kobe by Chris Ballard then click here and read it. I’m serious you really shouldn’t read another word of this until you read that article or at least bookmark it and tell yourself you are going to cancel your plans for tonight or delay them until you are done reading it.   

Moving on, Chris had so much great content on the 36 year old vet who averaged over 37 minutes a game for the majority of his first 17 seasons in the NBA that a lot of great stuff got cut…or maybe just saved for great follow-up articles. One of those great saved articles by Chris came out yesterday and it was about Kobe’s “legendary pain tolerance.”  Jared Seto, a physical therapist for the Lakers, explained to Chris what made Kobe’s pain tolerance so unique and will probably make you want to feel a little more “manly” the next time you visit the doctor for simple stretches, shots or even stitches.


“It’s the highest that I’ve ever seen.  He channels his focus so well in terms of just the task at hand. But also when he’s had pain, he can block that out. I mean, I think a good example is when he tore his Achilles, he made those free throws. He blocked it out and focused. He didn’t let his mind go to the place of, ‘Oh, my gosh.’  At one time it was a career-ending injury. Your mind starts to wander and go down that road. Everyone around you, the distraction, not only your team is wondering how you’re doing, the other team, the game, the fans in the stands, everything.  

​”But he just focused on this. I think that’s what makes him who he is. I mean, he can take that and just block everything else out, including pain. Like I said, he’s not a reckless person. He wasn’t going to cause more damage by going out there and shooting his free throws.  It was fine for him to do that. It’s just amazing.

“One of the things I saw that cemented for me his pain level, besides that episode, was he dislocated his finger. I think he was playing I want to say Cleveland, maybe Miami. But it was during the first quarter. He dislocated his finger. It’s basically like, this bone was over here. The head trainer, during a timeout, he relocated it, had him go back in.

“I think that trait makes him who he is, and his ability to focus also allows him to channel his energies. It’s not that he doesn’t feel pain; it’s how he responds.

Although Kobe (supposedly) does feel pain, Seto explained why it’s pointless to ask him how much pain he’s in.

Usually Seto measures a patient’s pain on a scale of 1-10. But with Bryant, “I don’t even ask him.  He just looks at me. ‘Why are you even asking me this? What’s the point?’

“So there’s no point in asking him, ‘How bad is your pain?’ He would just go, ‘Why are you asking me about my pain? Just take care of whatever the problem is and let me get back to what I need to do, or I can’t do it, so tell me I can’t, then we’ll deal with it.’

“It’s kind of like useless.  I mean, I’ll have to ask him, ‘Does it hurt?’ I have an obligation to ask. But I don’t think I’ve asked on a scale of zero to ten how much it hurts because it doesn’t matter for him.”


I can’t talk about Kobe injuries without showing this classic parody by ItsReal85. Warning, if you are easily offended by profanity or really funny jokes about your favorite player then don’t watch it.

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