Larry Nance Jr 15 points, 14 rebounds and 3 dunks vs the Suns

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Byron Scott

Rookie Larry Nance Jr tied his season-high of 14 rebounds and scored 15 points against the his Dad’s first NBA team on Sunday. Those 15 points came on 7 of 10 shooting and 3 of those 7 were dunks we are becoming very used to seeing.

“He’s very poised when he’s out there,” Coach Byron Scott said. “Larry Sr., in all the years I played against him, we never saw him get rattled. He was one of those guys who was even-keeled all the way through the game, no matter if they were up or down. And Junior’s the same way. He has a lot of his dad in him, as far as his demeanor on the court.”

This is what Nance has done in the past 4 games he’s played 24+ minutes in.

Suns: 15 points & 14 rebounds
76ers: 8 points & 14 rebounds
Hornets: 12 points & 7 rebounds
Grizzlies: 17 points & 11 rebounds.