Death Parade – LeBron almost decapitated by Miami Overpass

Published on June 25th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 10,107 views

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Some Kobe or San Antonio fans must of been in charge of the Miami Heat Parade because they put LeBron and the Championship Heat team on a route that required them to duck their heads or lose them – literally. ┬áIt’s pretty funny to watch the video now knowing that none of these multi-millionaires were decapitated but I can’t imagine the thought of thousands of people witnessing LeBron in his witness shirt go out Game of Thrones style during a parade celebration for him and his teammates.

You would think the organizers would of looked at the overpass and had flashbacks of The Hangover 3 or had one of those Final Destination opening premonition scenes and saw that the Heat wont be able to 3peat with the best player in the league headless.

[youtube id="ebpWqxfT0NQ" width="600" height="350"]


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