LeBron James Explains “Chasing The Ghost” of Michael Jordan Comment

LeBron James turned a lot of heads with his “My motivation is the ghost I’m chasing. The ghost played in Chicago” quote from a recent Sports Illustrated article.  On a recent appearance on Sunday Conversation, the ghost chaser explained his comments to Rachel Nichols.

“That’s my personal inspiration. That’s what drives me. I’m chasing that greatness. That how great that ghost was. Everyone is like ‘he’s trying to talk down on MJ, be better than MJ.’ That’s always been my goal since I got in the NBA. When I was 18 years old I told everyone that my favorite player was Michael Jordan. Hopefully I can get to that.”

LeBron also talked about KD signing with the Warriors and where his basketball skills are on the career hill right now.

“I’m not going downhill. I’m still climbing.”

Too bad Rachel didn’t ask LeBron to explain his podcast comments suggesting MJ gets too much credit for the Bulls championships and take back his “MJ didn’t have nothing to do with (John Paxson’s GM6 game winner)” breakdown.