LeBron James & Draymond Green Discuss Flagrant Foul/Flop Collision, “I’m Alright, I’m A Football Player”

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Draymond Green LeBron James

After the Warriors 126-91 MLK Day beatdown on the Cavs, which included a Draymond Green flagrant foul/collision on LeBron James that caused James to hit the ground, Richard Jefferson to get in Green’s face and Green to mock James’ reaction to the collision, the two team leaders had some amusing postgame comments.

“I think his shoulder hit me in the face,” James said of Green’s flagrant foul. “It happened so fast I didn’t know who it was. But I’m alright, I’m a football player.”

A much less serious looking Green had this to say about incident.

“I fouled him to stop the break and he went down. And the aftermath, I don’t know, I told RJ to get out of my face. Got a tech. It was just the heat of the moment of the game. Having some fun.”

Here’s some bonus fun from the two during last year’s NBA Finals.