LeBron James says “I’d win” when asked how he would do in the NBA Dunk Contest

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LeBron James

“I’d win.”

That was LeBron’s answer yesterday when Dwyane Wade was being asked by a Miami Herald reporter how he thought James would do in a dunk contest.

(I’m assuming you are shaking your head or cursing right now.)

Wade, who just witnessed LeBron put on a mini dunk exhibition in practice then replied “Well, obviously I think he’d do very well, and it’d be one of the most watched events of the year besides the Grammys.

“I think sometimes, too, if he does get in it, I think people are going to expect him to jump off an airplane, so I think the expectation is so high that it might be a small let down as well,” Wade said. “I mean, the man can fly, but Blake Griffin jumped over a car, so they’re going to want LeBron James to jump over something else.

“So, I think the window has closed from that standpoint.”

Everything Wade said about expectations is true but it shouldn’t matter. The people who think LeBron will do great in the event will probably be satisfied and think whatever he ends up doing is great no matter what he does. The “haters” who think he wont do anything special in the event aren’t going to be disappointed because they weren’t expecting him to do anything great to begin with.  The only way those people are going to be disappointed is if LeBron unfairly wins the contest because of fan popularity and if that’s the case then LeBron should do it because he’s going to win it whether he’s the best dunker or not.

I hate the argument that he might lose fans or endorsements because of the event.  Michael Jordan had the worst performance in 3-pt shootout history and has lost in the dunk contest.  Dominique Wilkins did the contest 5 times and only won twice.  Clyde Drexler is one of the top 50 players ever and he also did the dunk contest 5 times and I can guarantee you that nobody can recall 2 dunks that he did in those 5 years.  Then you have Dr J who at the time of his NBA dunk contest appearance was known as the greatest dunker of all-time.  Not only did he “put his brand on the line” but he was willing to compete at the age of 34 & 35 (the age Kobe Bryant is right now).  Shawn Kemp lost all 4 times he participated.  Spud Webb finished dead last in his 2nd contest appearance and was still willing to come back for a 3rd time. You get the point.

What upsets fans the most isn’t that he wont do the dunk contest but it’s the “taunting” that Skip Bayless talked about in the video above.  Intentional or not, putting on a dunk contest that goes viral on the eve of the dunk contest is a tease and he’s been teasing fans for a very long time. From him telling Cheryl Miller at at the 2009 dunk contest that he’s doing it the next year to a Nike commercial where he does do it to tweeting fans last year with this question.



Just Do It LeBron!



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