LeBron James’ Toes Will Give You Nightmares

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Ballislife | Lebron James Nasty Toes

LeBron’s resume on the court is easily top 5-10 worthy. He’s intelligent, motivated, has every dream endorsement, a beautiful wife and family, dresses great, looks good (could use a bit more hair as we all know) and enough money to pay for a pedicure for every person in America.

With all that said I have a feeling the first time LeBron and Savannah hooked up they had a moment similar to this scene from Boomerang with gender roles switched and the future Mrs James playing Eddie Murphy’s part.

The above pic was taken yesterday at St Tropaz, where the two were spending some R&R time and if by chance LeBron does get a pedicure at whatever resort he’s staying at, I really hope he leaves a big tip.

Before one of you Jordan groupies says “atleast MJ didn’t have Hammertime feet” then check this out.

As for Kobe, he has typical baller/dancer toes.

Ballislife | Kobe Bryants Feet

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