LeBron James will refuse to play next season if Don Sterling still owns the Clippers

Daniel Soto Daniel SotoAbout the Author

| May 14th, 2014 | 9,764 Views

This has been undoubtedly the craziest playoffs in recent memory, not only on the court but off. You would think the players would be more focused on the actual playoffs rather than off court controversy. LeBron James just added a bit more fuel to the flame by saying he would sit out next season and lead the players to boycott the league if Don Sterling remains owner. He says this now, but do you think it would really happen? At the height of his prestigious career do you think he would really sit out? Is he trying to pull a Michael Jordan with the Three-peat, pause, Three-peat?

There are so many questions to be asked about this. But, the most important one of them all, does this give Donald Sterling more leverage? Now the NBA is up against a wall and has to resolve this Sterling issue by October, and Sterling’s plan to delay with legal tactics is a lot scarier to the NBA and potentially forcing the NBA to make concessions to Sterling.

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