LeBron James with 27/13/6, 1 nice dunk & 1 layup that makes Kobe sad

Published on January 24th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 2,012 views

Everytime I see LeBron take off from the dots I get a little sad because I keep wishing James would attempt a free throw line dunk in a game but instead we get the standard from the dots 1 hand power dunk.

Last night against the Lakers was no different as we saw the same ole’ dominating LeBron James put up 27 points 13 rebounds 6 assists and 1 impressive from the dots dunk that should be celebrated but instead was criticized by spoiled fans like me that always want to see more from a player that’s doing more than 99% of the league on a nightly basis.

Still we complain, but the only people who really have a right to complain is the other team that has to watch LeBron dunk, score, rebound, pass and dominate with ease over and over again. ┬áJust ask Kobe – he knows what I’m talking about.


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