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Like Father Like Daughter: Riley Curry Might Have Ankle Problems like her Dad Used To

On Sunday, MVP & NBA Champion Steph Curry posted a pic of himself taping internet star and daughter Riley Curry’s ankles with the caption “Must run in the family.”

Basketball fantasy owners of the 2011-12 season know exactly what he’s talking about.  This was the first season Curry was being drafted in the 1st round of fantasy drafts and those owners were rewarded with a frustrating 26 game season from Curry and his “papier-mâché ankles.”

Fantasy owners were a little more cautious the following season as Curry was drafted in most leagues in the 2nd to 3rd rounds.  For those owners who picked up Curry that year and every year since, he’s been a steal and has only missed a total of 10 games over the past 3 seasons.


So how did Steph get over his ankle issues? It’s simple, he stopped wearing Nike and started wearing Under Armour sneakers. I’m obviously kidding about the shoe switch being the reason. Most of the credit goes to Warriors director of athletic performance, Keke Lyles, who came up with a program that strengthened Curry’s hips and glutes which ended up saving his ankles.

“I think Steph really liked to use his ankles to control everything,” Lyles said to ESPN. “But now he’s using his hips instead. You know how everything laughed at Tiger Woods saying he just needed to activate his glutes? Well, Tiger’s right.”

Lyles raved about how Curry is “the most impressive athlete he’s come across in the NBA” and how he can deadlift 400 pounds!


Speaking of Curry’s and ankles, the NBA recently released a 15 minute video of the 60 best crossovers of the year. The video obviously included lots of Curry and even used an image of him for the video thumbnail but what the video didn’t include was Jason Terry breaking his ankles. I wonder if that was intentional…

Source:  Dime & ESPN

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