Lil B tweets about the “Based God’s Curse” after Kevin Durant’s injury | KD talks about “haters” on social media

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| October 13th, 2014 | 467 Views

Kevin Durant recently did an interview talking about “online haters”,”internet trolls” and all the negativity he sees on social media networks. For the most part, KD has done a pretty good job of not causing any PR issues with social media but he does occasionally get into little friendly online arguments – like the time he and Dwayne Wade were calling each other out, or the time he had to shut up an angry fan that didn’t like the idea of KD resigning with Nike and then there’s the funny stuff with always angry Kendrick Perkins.  But the only person KD really has an online beef with is rapper Lil B who put “The Based Gods Curse” on KD back in 2011.


Since then KD & Lil B have exchanged a few online words including these amusing conversations.


Then in June of 2012 during the NBA Finals, Lil B tweeted that the curse has been lifted so KD could win a NBA Championship.


It didn’t happen and Lil B put the spell back on KD by tweeting “AND FUCK KEVIN DURANT LIL B FOR LIFE – LIL B” and releasing this video.

Flashforward to this weekend when the Thunder announced that KD has a foot injury and will be out for a couple of months. Social media networks started buzzing with the news and theories.  Some were saying it was the 2kSports curse, some were saying the curse was done by Russell Westbrook and of course Lil B had something to say.




And here’s Lil B(randon McCartney) trying out for the D-League



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