Lil Wayne says “F**k LeBron, She-Wade, The Heat” & that he had sex with Bosh’s on stage!

Published on February 19th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 9,328 views

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I’m kind of speechless about Lil Wayne’s vent during a recent concert where he said Fuck LeBron, She-Wade and the Miami Heat.  He puts the shocking cherry on top when he says he “f****d Chris Bosh’s wife.”   If what KG said to Melo about cereal and LaLa was crossing the line then this is taboo.

I’m also wondering how awkward it was for Drake who was standing next to Wayne and is a known friend of LeBron that even attended the 2 Kings Jay-Z/LeBron party on Saturday.

The source of this immature anger comes from the Lakers Heat game a week ago where Wayne claimed he was kicked out for “rooting for the Lakers.”

This soap opera should get interesting but hopefully it just goes away along with Lil Wayne’s whining.

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