Did Chandler Parson’s really grab Jeremy Lin’s butt?

Published on October 6th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 10,292 views

There are a lot of questions from last night’s Pelicans vs Rockets game.  Most were about Dwight Howard and if he played well (yes) and if he was ejected (no) like so many websites said he was.  Some were asking if the victorious Pelicans will be the real deal and for the lucky few that have the channel CSN Houston (AT&T, U-verse, Time Warner, DirecTV and most bootleg satellites you see on apartment patios in H-Town don’t carry the channel), you might be asking did Chandler Parson’s grab Jeremy Lin’s butt when he sat down?

Watch the vid and you decide and hopefully more people in Houston will soon be able to watch James Harden, Dwight and the bromance between Lin and Parson’s this season.  It should be a fun ride that should cause Rockets fans to make the face that Jeremy Lin made.





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