Little Kid Does His Best Shaq Tearing Down the Rim Impersonation…Gets Knocked Out By The Backboard

That’s what you get kid for your post dunk Tarzan celebration!

Have you ever seen a player celebrate after a dunk and then wished you could just slap them in the face or something would just fall out of the sky, hit them in the head and knock them out?  I’m sure a lot of ex NBA players who were posterized by Shawn Kemp and Shaq in the 90s felt that way while watching Kemp grab his crotch or Shaq act like he’s in a kung-fu flick.

In 1993 some Nets fans got their wish with Shaq when the big man tore down a basketball goal and was hit by a falling shot clock. That’s OK, Shaq got his revenge when he dropped 24 points, 28 rebounds and 15 blocks on them the following season.

That was the first highlight that popped in my head when I saw the vine clip of the little kid getting knocked out by a Little Tike Basketball Hoop. The other highlights that popped in my head were “disrespectful” post dunk celebrations that had a few fans and players of the opposing team wishing they could knock out the dunker.