Look Back at the first (VHS) And1 Mixtape w/ Rafer Alston

Players in this post:
Rafer Alston

I still remember going to Footlocker and having to put on some crappy And1 shorts or try on some shoes just so I could get one of the And1 Mixtapes on VHS.  Before it became huge on ESPN & died & multiplied into a bunch of other variations, And1 was coming out with the sickest basketball footage in the world.  Ballislife may be the best at putting out basketball mixtapes now but nothing was touching a teenage Rafer Alston on center stage at Rucker Park mixed with Common's 1999 - who cares if it was in synch or the video quality was worse than the worse mobile phone on the market now.

Hitting play on this video doesn't have the same feeling as popping in a large tape into a $200 4 head Hi-Fi VCR but it will do for now.

Volume 2 not only suffered from the sophomore slump but it suffered from the trying to hard lets stage and fake it slump.


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