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Mark Cuban shares the Mavs animated pitch to Dwight Howard | Shark Tank Style

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BlogMaverick has not only been my favorite personal blog since 2007, but Mark Cuban’s blog posts helped encourage me to leave a 9 to 5 job, with a 2nd baby on the way, that had everybody in my life shaking their head, just so I could start my own business and try to do all the entrepreneurial things I couldn’t with a full-time job (that requires the amount of work in a week that an entrepreneur usually has to put into a day).

During the next few years, I had to become pretty good at giving pitches to companies and investors so it made sense that Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank would become two of my favorite shows.  Mark would eventually join the cast of Shark Tank and replace Mr Wonderful as my favorite Shark as he often tore apart poorly prepared pitchers asking for too much money for too little percentage and not enough incentive.  Mark also has a trademark shot clock tactic that he does on the show (video below) that pisses off the other sharks and puts the pressure on the entrepreneur to make the decision of accepting his offer in 24 seconds or the offer is off the table.  2 out of 3 times, the 24 second shot clock works and Mark gets his deal.

[youtube id=”4E_TPgKMp-g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This wasn’t the case this summer when Mark Cuban and the Mavs made a pitch to the Great White Shark that is Dwight Howard.  Dwight had the league in the palm of his hands and wasn’t pressured to make a quick decision by anybody.  He toyed with players, owners and gms and had them fly around the world as local businesses and rappers contributed to the recruiting process by offering free food and introductions to popular strippers and information about cheaper child support.  When it came to Dallas, free chicken for life from Raising Cane wasn’t enough so Mark and his team put together an animated comic showing Superman 2.0, who just wants “to be Epic,” that “global domination” is in his reach if he takes his talents to Dallas and forms a dynamic duo with Dirk Nowitzki.

It was an interesting pitch but not enough to keep Dwight Howard from saying “I’m out.”  Considering Dwight ended up 4 hours down south from Dallas in H-Town with Slim Thug, I don’t see him acting like Mr Wonderful and saying “Show me the money” that a bigger market can offer and I don’t see him acting like the cool and calm Daymond John and saying the decision will conflict with one of his other brands.  He’s not going to call Mark and the Mavs slimy characters that can’t be trusted like Barbara Corcoran would and  Robert Herjavec is too nice of guy to be put in the same sentence with Dwight Howard.

The Shark that I see Dwight most like is Lori Greiner who often just smiles as she pulls out her checkbook and makes demands that have the other sharks thinking she’s just stealing companies away from their owners.  Those owners may or may not be losing their baby but the thought of instant riches that the QVC queen can offer has them smiling too and Dwight believes his best chance at an instant championship is in Houston so he made a deal with the Rockets and not the Blog Maverick that once made a deal with a guy that “will draw a cat for you. do-do-do-do-do-do.”

[youtube id=”d7yunf0vams” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In Cuban’s blog post called “Let’s Talk Mavs #MFFL” he also talks about the lockout, past disasters such as the Lamar Odom deal and why he will never ever trade Dirk. It’s a great read and if you have any interest in business then I recommend adding his blog to your bookmarks and readers too.

My personal favorite Cuban story is when he supposedly had Magic Johnson kicked off a plane because he had an American Airlines lifetime travel pass, only cost $125k in the 90s, that allowed him to get on any plane at any time even if it’s full.



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