Mark Cuban Had Magic Johnson Kicked Off A Plane?!

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Check out Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the cover of D Magazine for winning 2011 CEO of the Year. If you want to read more about Cuban’s honor in the magazine, then click here. If you want to watch some of his greatest moments with the Mavs, then scroll below.

But first, I have to share my favorite Cuban story: When Mark first became rich and “retired” at the old age of 29, he bought a lifetime travel pass on American Airlines for only $125,000 (these aren’t available anymore). This pass allowed him to get on any plane, at any time, even if it’s full. If it is full, they will have to ask a passenger to get off. In the following interview (8 minute mark), he talks about how he once had Magic Johnson kicked off a plane because of this pass.


He backed up this story at a South by Southwest event.

“I used to go to clubs in LA and wherever and say, “Let’s go somewhere! Let’s go to Vegas,”and drag somebody [with me]. It was a first-class ticket for me and somebody else and if there weren’t seats available they’d have to kick somebody off [the flight].

“One day Magic Johnson comes bitching and moaning off the plane. He was the victim I guess. It made me look really good with that girl.”

If this is true, then Mark deserved every painful moment the Lakers ever delivered to the Mavs, especially that historical 4th quarter comeback. If it isn’t true (this is more likely), it still made one entertaining story from the most entertaining Shark on TV.






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