Marv Albert Pulled Out The Curry Must Be Injured Excuse In GM4 & Reggie Miller Wasn’t Having It

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Steph Curry made just 6 of 20 shots and was 2 of 10 from 3 in the Warriors GM4 loss to the Thunder on Tuesday night. It was an off-night on a pretty awful night. (Sh)It happens. But for some fans, which apparently includes commentator Marv Albert, there was no way the unanimous MVP could be that off. So instead of giving props to the Thunder defense, Marv pulled out the “Steph Curry might be injured” excuse.

“I think first of all we are not seeing the same Steph Curry. I wonder if there are injury issues with the knee and ankle.”

Shortly after, Curry missed a layup and instead of just accepting sometimes players miss layups, Webber agreed with Marv and said the MVP can’t be 100%.

Then the voice of reason, in the form of Reggie Miller, came in and shut down the conversation.

“How about this ladies and gentlemen. No excuses!  Let’s give credit to OKC. They are beating the Warriors.”

After the game, Curry and Coach Kerr didn’t want to hear any excuses either.

“He’s not injured,” Kerr said. “He’s coming back from the knee, but he’s not injured. He just had a lousy night. It happens, even to the best players in the world.”