Grizzlies fans hold cut-outs of Eva Longoria & Parker gets rejected by local restaurant


Last night during Game 3, a few Memphis Grizzlies fans wanted to remind Parker of his past marriage by bringing out a giant Eva Longoria cut-out with her wearing a Grizzlies headband.

Earlier this week, there was a rumor that Tony Parker was denied entry to popular Memphis restaurant Iris.  The restaurant released a statement saying the rejection had nothing to do with them being Griz fans or that Parker was a Spur.

Due to the size of our restaurant, there is currently a two week delay for a weekend reservation … We would not cancel a reservation that a guest made — and waited two weeks for — in order to make room for someone else without a reservation — celebrity or not.

The chef even tweeted about how hard it is to get a table and it was nothing personal against Parker


I don’t know if Parker took the rejection personally or not but it’s going to take a lot more than restaurant rejections and past relationship rejection reminders to stop Parker and the Spurs who are now up 3-0 and probably wont be playing many more games in Memphis for a while.

Source: Houston Chron




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