Michael Jordan with the ankle breaker in a celeb game…no, not the Michael Jordan but B. Jordan

The impressive lead actor from “Fruitvale Station” showed off some of his hoop skills in this year’s NBA All-Star Celeb Game, when he scored a team high 16 points to go with 7 rebounds, but this past weekend, Michael B. Jordan, was playing like a method actor playing Michael Jeffrey Jordan at the Equinox gym in L.A.

Here’s a montage of his best moves and moments from an E League game including a pretty nasty ankle breaker.


If you came here wanting to see the Michael Jordan do a crossover then here’s a video of The Goat telling you how to do one yourself.

And if you haven’t seen “Fruitvale Station” yet, then please see it before watching some overrated basketball film (i.e. 94% of basketball movies including Space Jam) again or Thunderstruck for the first time.


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