Michael Jordan cheating at beer pong – Elbows!


Everybody that plays Beer-pong knows the elbow rule is there to prevent tall people from using their long arms to their advantage.  Considering how competitive Michael Jordan is at any and everything he does and due to the fact that he has a 6.9 foot wing span,  if there’s a person that needs to follow the elbow rule it’s the GOAT.

The best part of the following wedding celebration video of MJ playing beer pong in Miami is when the groom and friends sing the line “Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6” from the Jay & Kanye song “Niggas in Paris”

I will give props to Jordan for wearing a Jordan shirt and shoes and Hanes underwear (the girl who posted this picture said Jordan showed her his Hanes underwear) during his “down time.” Let’s just hope MJ doesn’t end up crossing paths with this guy who was arrested yesterday for sexually assaulting men at beer-pong tournaments.

If you want to hear more about the elbow rule then check out this vid.

Source: Ben over at That NBA Lottery Pick

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