Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” shoes sold for $104k at auction

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Well somebody is getting a nice Christmas present.

I’m sure the ball boy who was lucky enough to receive Jordan’s shoes after MJ’s 38 point performance with the flu in Game 5 of the 97 finals, didn’t think one day those used sneakers would sell for over $100k.  $104,765 to be exact at the Grey Flannel Auction that ended this morning.

The bidding started at $5k and ended over the $100k mark after just 15 bids.

If you have pretty deep pockets and missed out on this deal then you can always head on over to Ebay and bid on these signed game used golf shoes by the GOAT!



VIA ESPN, this is how the shoes ended up at the auction.

Truman was able to secure the shoes, after developing a relationship with Jordan, which started when he says he one day fetched Jordan’s traditional pregame applesauce during the 1996-97 season.

When Jordan came back to Utah for the Finals that year, Truman says he brought Jordan applesauce even though Jordan wasn’t in an eating mood. While Jordan was said to be suffering flu-like symptoms, Jordan’s trainer Tim Grover said years later that he was sure it was from food poisoning from a pizza Jordan ate the night before.

After the game, which put the Bulls up 3-2 and one game from winning their fifth title, Jordan gave Truman his shoes from the game.

About five years ago, Truman thought about parting with the shoes, so he provided Christie’s auction house with the details. After they came back with an estimate of $5,000, Truman put them back at the bank. This year, a friend convinced him to put them on the market and the estimate was more bullish from Grey Flannel, who sold a pair of game-used rookie Air Jordans for $21,780.



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