Modern Day Kicks On Vintage Nike Ads

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| November 5th, 2015 | 938 Views

Back in the day shoe ads were nowhere to be found but in traditional print form.  Nowadays the only way to see sneaker ads is through social media.  It’s rare to come across a print ad for a sneaker.  Nike dominated those print ads.  Every print ad that Nike put out was all eye catching.  I’m not sure about you guys, but I tore out every ad and put them on my wall when I was a kid.  Thanks to Federico of MBROIDERED, these redesigned ads have me feeling nostalgic.

On Federico’s instagram feed, he recently shared vintage style Nike ads with modern day Nike silhouettes.  Featuring the likes of the Air Mag, Flyknit Racer, and many more.  It’d be dope to see some of these as posters or somehow make its way back to some print publications.  Maybe one day, sneaker companies will bring these back as collectible memorabilia.

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