Myles Turner Dunks On Little Girl At His Basketball Camp, Explains Why He Shows No Mercy On Kids

Myles Turner shows no mercy. He doesn’t care if you are the best player in the league or a little girl just learning to hoop. If you step on the court with him, there’s a chance the Pacers rookie standout from last season will put you on a poster if you stand between him and the rim or reject your shot if he’s the one between you and the rim – just ask LeBron James.

And if you were in attendance at his recent basketball camp at Trinity High in Texas, you saw him showing no mercy when dunked on a little girl to the delight of the crowd.

Spencer Lund of Dime was also in attendance and asked the draft steal about the “destroying” little kids and how it felt destroying LeBron’s dunk attempt. You can read those answers below or check out the full interview here.

There have been a bunch of videos of NBA players destroying little kids on the court going one-on-one. Do you take it easy or do you bring it every time against them?

I bring it every time and I show ’em no mercy. No one’s gonna show them mercy when they play against them, so it’s a great way to get a good mindset at a young age.

Describe what it was like to reject LeBron like you did at the end of last year? Do you even remember?

Yeah. It was a crucial moment of the game, it was the third quarter and he came down the lane and challenged me. I just went up and the next thing was my eyes closed, which was funny, and I got up and rejected it. But I didn’t realize the magnitude of what I just did until like a week later when it blew up on social media — my friend kept texting me. To me, it was just another play, but to everyone else it was an incredible defining moment in my career, and that’s pretty much how it played out from then on.