Nate Robinson throws down 3 crazy dunks & 21 points in 20 minutes vs the Lakers

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Nate Robinson Walt Williams

“I like to entertain the other team’s fans.”

There hasn’t been too many moments in NBA history when a guy at 5’9 caught an alley oop in a game.  There’s hasn’t been many moments in history when a 5’9 guy out jumped centers for a rebound and threw down a dunk.  Same can be said for a 5’9 guy finishing a fast break by catching a missed shot and dunking it.   All 3 of those rare moments happened within 20 minutes of last night’s Lakers game courtesy of Nate Robinson.

The 5’9 freak of nature also scored 21 of the Nuggets 137 in the 22 point win in LA.  12 of those 21 came in the 4th quarter when the Nuggets turned into the Nuggets of the 80s and scored 44 in the final period.

During that final period, Nate received a tech for hanging on the rim guerrilla Shaq style circa 1992.  Because of Shaq’s joy of showing off his logo and breaking backboards during his rookie season, David Stern cracked down on rim hanging and refs were blowing their whistle and handing out techs quicker for players like Shaq, Kemp, Walt Williams & Robert Horry that enjoyed spending an extra few moments for pictures after a dunk.  I brought up that history lesson to also bring up this moment when Nate & Shaq were teammates in beantown and the 5’9 freak of nature did something that hasn’t been too many times in NBA history…



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