NBA Uncensored Trash Talk Ep 17 w/ Kobe, Melo & Bosh of course!

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Kobe Bryant Carmelo Anthony

It’s been a while (too long) since @Itsreal85 released another episode of “NBA Uncensored Trash Talk” but he’s back with EP17 and it doesn’t disappoint.

Here’s a few of the highlights from the video

  • Kobe being asked if I rather be in an elevator with Solange or Ray Rice
  • Chris Bosh
  • The Cavs mascot running from Michael Vick
  • Chris Bosh
  • Stephen A. Smith going off on Nelly
  • Melo talks about his contract
  • Chris Bosh!

As always, here’s my warning: If you are easily offended and/or ultra sensitive about people making fun of an athlete who doesn’t know who you are then don’t watch the video. If you have a pulse and enjoy funny $#it and don’t have a parent or teacher right next to you then watch the video.

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