NBA YouTube channel changes title of Blake Griffin “shakes the D for the smash” video

Published on April 7th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 1,851 views

We have seen Blake Griffin and his “fake pass then dunk” move plenty of times and last night he did it again against the Lakers – although he didn’t actually fake out any defenders with it.  But that’s not why we posted it here. What makes this video so amusing is the original “pause” title of the video “Blake Griffin Shakes The “D” For The Smash.”

The always harsh and joke cracking YouTube viewers started posting jokes about the title so the NBA changed it to “Blake Griffin’s Nice Pass Fake and Smash.”

Here’s a few of the comments on the video.

Shakes the “D”. Dont start getting perverted NBA

Oh yea shake that d blake

Dont change the title now lol. Your still suspect for making it in the first place.

i read this title very very wrong

Yo he shook that D so well. Oops. Now he smashed so hard.

Who ya foolin’ with that D shaking of yours Blizzy Blake?!? Seems like Kendall Marshall didn’t fall for your Shake and Blake sucka!

Did the NBA just make a sex joke



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