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Nick Young defends Iggy Azalea by going off on Snoop Dogg

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It all started a few days ago when Snoop Dogg (father of 3 including a daughter) posted the above meme, mocking Iggy Azalea, to his instagram account.

Iggy, who leads the upcoming American Music Awards with 6 nominations, fired back with the following pic which she later deleted.


Snoop responded with a marathon of memes and vulgar posts directed at Iggy and even posted a pic saying he had a #1 album when she was in diapers. That’s true, but I’m not sure how that’s a put down and considering Snoop hasn’t had a platinum album since 2006 (4 solo albums and multiple collabos since then), I don’t think he should bring up “hits” because Iggy is and has been dominating the billboard charts all year long and her single “Fancy” has already reached the 4x Platinum status of Snoops’ debut album.  Her single with Arian Grande also sold over 4 million copies and her Black Widow song also went platinum. How do you like them apples Snoop? Considering we are also in an age of free online downloads and streaming, those numbers are insane.

Some of you are probably saying “who give a shit about sales” and “Snoop is way more talented of a rapper than Iggy.” That opinion might be agreed with by most in the hip-hop community but in my personal opinion the gap between Iggy and Snoop is smaller than the gap between Snoop and the most talented rappers – who don’t have sales that can touch Snoop.

Iggy then posted a few tweets about how disappointed she is that such an established male artist would be acting the way Snoop is and then said she was going to “be the bigger man in this situation and leave it be.”


Her boyfriend Nick Young then chimed in with a couple of amusing tweets saying “these old heads turnin into suckas” and “ain’t nobody worried about no Snoop Lion…This dude just going thru a midlife crisis.”

You can follow all the drama in the below timeline but if Nick and Iggy needs some more ammo against Snoop, here’s a pretty amusing story  about Snoop and basketball. 

In a 1993 interview with Spin Magazine, Snoop said he was recruited by a bunch of major colleges including UNC and UNLV.  But when UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian was asked about the recruiting, Tark said he’s “never heard of the kid.” Slam Magazine even asked Snoops high school coach about his skills on the court and Coach Ron Palmer said “I can assure you that he never played basketball for us. He was one of those, whatdayacallit’s, “wannabe’s, You know? He wished he could play.” So why all the hate and dirt diggin on Snoop. Well, because we are going to have to side with Nick Young, who has showed a lot of love and support for us, and my two daughters love Iggy. As for Snoop, outside of a few Neptune produced songs from a decade ago, I haven’t been a fan since Iggy was in diapers.




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