Nick Young surprises “lil hoopers” in NY and plays in their pick-up game

Published on September 8th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 6,351 views

When Nick Young posted that he thought Kobe was better than Michael Jordan, people jumped all over him and although I personally disagreed with his opinion too, I wrote “It’s hard not to like Nick Young.  Even when he does something wrong and ends up on Shaqtin’ a Fool, he still manages to come across as a more likable guy on and off the court.” 

Earlier today, he posted a video that just reinforces what I said about the likability of Swaggy P.  The video shows him surprising some “lil hoopers” in NY by joining their pick-up game.

I also got to love the guy for his great choice in hashtags too: #JustBecause #NYFW #BasketballJones #BallIsLife 



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