Nike: #KobeSystem – Level 4 Explosiveness | Could Tony Robbins Motivate Kwame Brown?

Published on January 26th, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 2,042 views

Kobe teaches his star-studded audience about explosiveness and reminds Tony Robbins why there is a Kobe in KobeSystem.

Younger people might not remember how explosive Kobe was despite a few flashback moments here and there in Kobe’s 16th season.  When Kobe was younger he was doing dunks that were motivating more people then Tony Robbins was.

Don’t get me wrong Tony Robbin’s is one of the best motivators anywhere.  This guy even inspired a pimp!

But could Tony inspire a bust like Kwame Brown.

Tony tells people how to set and achieve goals.  Kobe lets his action do the talking as he accomplishes one basketball record and goal after another point by point, explosive dunk by dunk and ring by ring


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