2001: Jalen Rose Becomes First Pacer With A 20/20 (ASTS) Game

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If you are over 30, then you probably think of the Fab Five when you see Jalen Rose. If you are 20-30, then you probably think of Grantland, Bill Simmons or the hundred plus shows and podcasts Rose appears on. In between Fab 5 Rose and TV star Rose, there was a very underrated 16-year NBA career. He was especially underrated during his final seasons with the Pacers and time with the Bulls before going to the Raptors, where most kids just remember him getting lit up for 81 by Kobe (actually Mo Peterson was scored on more than Rose was).

The example of his talents that I’m picking out today happened on this date, April 18th, back in 2001, while he was with the Indiana Pacers. It was the final game of the season and Rose lit up the Cavs for 22 points and a career-high 20 assists. The assists total was a single-game record for the franchise and made him (not Mark Jackson) the first player in franchise history to record a 20/20 game with assists.

What made this game even rarer is his teammate Jermaine O’Neal had 30 points and 20 rebounds and I can’t remember the last time two teammates had a 20/20 game in the same game.

Here are a few other lines from that season just to let you know it wasn’t one of those last days of the season fluke games.

  • 39 PTS, 11 REBS, 9 ASTS vs Rockets
  • 35 PTS, 12 ASTS vs Wizards
  • 35 PTS, 7 ASTS vs Cavs
  • 29 PTS, 7 REBS, 7 ASTS vs TWolves
  • 21 PTS, 12 ASTS, 9REBS vs Jazz
  • 42 PTS, 6 REBS, 4 ASTS vs Raptors

I wish I had a video of Rose’s 20/20 game but since I don’t, hopefully, this duel with Vince Carter will do.


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