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One of the Biggest FAIL Interviews Ever Happened After One of the Biggest Michael Jordan Shots Ever

On May 7th 1989, Game 5 between the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, the greatest basketball player of all-time hit the first “big” clutch shot of his career.  That shot would go down in history as simply “The Shot.”

I’m assuming every person in the building remembers that day and probably says “I was there” at least once a year when someone brings up Jordan or the shot.

Now imagine you are a reporter at the game. You are not only there, but you are on the court with Michael Jordan seconds after “The Shot.” You put the mic in his face and have a shot at getting the first words out of Jordan and all you can say is, “Michael you stuck it” and “yeah.” Then you get pushed out of the way by another reporter who got to conduct “The Interview” after “The Shot.”

That’s what happened to this guy. Hopefully he got another shot like this one but shots like this only come once in a lifetime — even for greats like Michael Jordan.


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