Open Court crew discuss the differences between Tracy McGrady and NBA greats

The Open Court crew, including Isiah Thomas who drafted Tracy McGrady out of high school, discuss the career and “missed opportunities” of current Sugarland Skeeter pitcher T-Mac. They also discuss what are the main differences between greats like Bird and Michael Jordan and players that did not attend college like McGrady and even Kobe and LeBron.  It’s all about the “know how.”

McGrady’s teammate from Orlando, Grant Hill, put in his 2 cents defending McGrady and said T-Mac did have a “fire in him” but the team just wasn’t that good especially with Hill being injured.

Every time I think about the potential that Hill and T-Mac had, I can’t help but think about the potential of those two with Tim Duncan who almost signed with the Magic in 2000.




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