Paul Pierce Pushes Omri Casspi Into A Little Girl Causing Her To Cry

You can bet this little crying girl isn’t gong to grow up a fan of Paul Pierce.  I’m assuming this is her first time seeing The Truth and it’s shame that her first (and probably only) memory of the Celtic great is him scoring 4 points in a Wizards uniform and getting a flagrant foul for pushing Omri Casspi into her. Well, at least she’s a Kings fan and got to see her (or her Dad’s) team win by 23 (yes, 23) points!

Now here’s a funny coincidence, last season Casspi fell on Paul Pierce’s wife while diving for a loose ball. I would say it was some sort of karma but you never want to see a little kid getting hurt at a basketball game because that’s never funny. OK, it’s sometimes funny.