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Yesterday on The Starters, J.E. Skeets begged the Reddit community to stop the #MakeVinceDunk  “movement” that was started by a Vince Carter fan appropriately named StillDreamin.  StillDreamin came up with the nightmare idea of writing to Mavs owner Mark Cuban so he could try to get the 36 year old Vince Carter to do “some Rocky Balboa shit.”  I’m sure Cuban will get a quicker “I’m out” from Vince than any Cuban has ever given on Shark Tank.

Now I know people saw Vince do a 360 (that would get a score of 36 out of 50 in a dunk contest) last week and I understand people rather see great players do mediocre dunks than mediocre players do great dunks but if you saw the box office numbers from this weekend you will find Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky Balboa and his boxing film “Grudge Match” at #10 with a total 2 week gross of $25 million.  That means even the most die hard fans and their nostalgia don’t really care enough to see “some Rocky Balboa shit.”

What many people don’t remember about the original Rocky film was it was an Oscar winner.  It soon turned into a popular dumb franchise that got pretty painful to watch after a while and the same can be said of the NBA dunk contest.  Let’s just say the dunk contest that Vince won was the Citizen Kane of dunk contests and despite a Magnificent Ambersons and Touch of Evil here and there, the contests were mainly disappointments after disappointments with some moments as painful as seeing Citizen Kane doing the voice of Unicron in Transformers the Movie.

If by some miracle, Vince agreed to be in the dunk contest, watching the man return to the event 13 years later would probably be as painful as the thought of the man behind the greatest film of all-time doing the voice of a planet in a Transformer cartoon for needed cash.  Thankfully Vince is financially good and there’s no chance anybody would be able to “make him dunk” in the contest especially since he was dead set against defending his title just 1 year after the contest.

“I don’t want to do it,” Carter said. “I’m sorry, it’s just me. I don’t see the big deal. The fans have to respect my decision, just like if they choose not to go to work that day, oh well, it’s their decision. Yeah, I have a knee problem, but I don’t want to do it. I don’t think right now it’s the best thing for me.”

When a reporter asked about his fans and his league leading all-star votes, Carter replied.

“I don’t owe anybody anything.  My mom brought that to my attention when I was thinking about it, and she said I don’t owe anybody, and I don’t. Of course, people might feel that I do because they want to see what they want to see, but there is a lot of other great dunkers who will be there.”

If Vince felt that way in 2001, how do you think he would respond in 2014?

Then there’s also the curse of the Let(Blank)Dunk campaigns.  LetShannonDunk started it all and nobody remembers anything from Brown’s disappointing performance.  We helped DeMar DeRozan get in with the LetDemarDunk campaign and although he was great in it he was cheated (year after year).  Last year, we had the LetJamesWhiteDunk campaign and the less said about last year’s contest the better.

So, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE (MR Wolf voice), listen to me and Skeets and stop this nonsense about Vince Carter or any other “dunk legends” dunking in the contest.  We don’t need a NBA version of The Expendables franchise and we don’t need any “Rocky Balboa shit.”

Keep in mind, this is coming from one of the biggest Vince Carter fans alive.  A fan that just wrote an article called “Vinsanity is still alive in 2014” about my 20 year journey following the greatest dunker of all-time.



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