Portland Police May Open Up a Robbery Investigation To Explain Damian Lillard All-Star Snub

Published on January 30th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 3,136 views


Damian Lillard has a right to be angry. Even if he’s selected to replace the injured Kobe Bryant, I expect him to be a little pissed when he arrives in New York for next month’s NBA All-Star game because he wasn’t one of the reserves selected yesterday.

It’s not just  his 22, 6, 5 & 1 average that makes him an All-Star.  It’s not just his number 4 in PER among Western point guards or the fact that the Blazers have a better record than other teams with multiple selected All-Stars that makes him an All-Star. It’s the fact that Lillard continues to show up big in 4th quarters (NBA leader) and hits big shot after big shot to give his team those wins is what makes him such an obvious All-Star.

Let’s see what a few others think about the snub.

How about Brandon Jennings who had a good shot at making the All-Star team if he wasn’t injured. 

How about Charles Barkley,

Nothing to add.

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