Postgame: Paul George talks about Lance’s “learning lessons” & says the Pacers “outplayed” the Heat. LeBron responds

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“Looking at the stat sheet we outplayed them,” George said. “You have to give them credit, they won this game at the free throw line. They really just were able to get to the line more than we were. I thought we outplayed them tonight.”

I hate to suggest that Paul George hasn’t fully recovered from his concussion but he might be alone on his “outplayed” comment.  Even his coach disagreed.

“We got outplayed by the Heat,” Vogel said. “They’re the best offensive team in the NBA. That’s the biggest reason [we’ve struggled defensively]. They’re got great weapons. They’re very difficult to guard.”

The most difficult to guard, LeBron James, was asked about George’s comments and he replied that they only had 5 turnovers, 7 steals and scored 20 points off their turnovers and those apples have nothing to do with the free throw line.

George also suggested that the Heat might have had an advantage with a little “home cooking.”

“You can’t tell me we don’t attack the basket as much as they attack the basket,” George said. “You can’t tell me we’re not aggressive. Maybe we’re too aggressive. We’re just as aggressive as they are attacking the basket and making plays at the rim. Maybe this was just home cooking.”

“It’s just demoralizing when a game is lopsided. I’m sorry to say, but that was the case, again. How rare is it we shoot 50 percent, turn the ball over around 13 or so times, out-rebound a team and lose a ball game? … They made 30 free throws. That put them over the edge.”

George also commented on Lance Stephenson.

“Well, you know, Lance is young,” George said. “You know that’s a teaching point, it’s a learning lesson for him. Sometimes you just gotta watch what you say. You’re on a big stage and everything you say is bulletin board material. It’s really going to have a powerful meaning behind it. We’ve just got to be smarter with situations and voicing our opinions sometimes.”


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