Rashad McCants Unchained: 1-on-1 Uncensored Interview with the “Mystery Man” I just want to live but it feels like i’m hiding hiding from my past so it’s back to the future and the future is my ...(Read more)

Rashad McCants Unchained: 1-on-1 Uncensored Interview with the “Mystery Man”


I just want to live
but it feels like i’m hiding
hiding from my past so it’s back to the future
and the future is my present
the present is a gift
the gift is a curse
and my curse is a myth

What is the biggest myth about Rashad McCants?

The biggest myth about me is no one knows my true ability to play the game of basketball. Even at the height of my career both college and professional I played in controlled systems where a player of my ability had to contain my talents for the sake of the team and the tradition of the school, club, or organization.
Therefore, I played a role for my team as a scorer.  My talent has always been overlooked as I catered to the critics to constantly prove them wrong.  My track record going back to the AAU days until now still shows I am one of the best shooting guards to play the game.  All it takes is research as the question states “Myth.”

In every aspect of basketball I have studied the greats and taken bits and pieces of knowledge from all of them to form a total player.  In every situation I’ve been in in my career I only had to use 45 – 50% of my game, which allowed me to showcase my shooting ability and athleticism. Which in turn leaves out ball handling, isolations, passing, defending, leadership, strategies, etc.

I need more time so why is time runnin
harder than I thought I sought to get knowledge
imagine if we all got paid to go to college


While at North Carolina, you were on the cover of Sports Illustrated and caused some controversy by saying “you are not allowed to say certain things, but once you get out of jail, you’re free. I’m in my sentence, and I’m doing my time”

My jail comment was taken the way it should have been taken. As extreme truth to my experience playing for the UNC at Chapel hill basketball team. It did not reflect my overall experience at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  There has been no story nor book written on my experiences while attending this prestigious school, therefore, the comments may be perceived as disrespectful and disgraceful to the University.  That was never my intentions to attend such a school and experience such things to require such a comment. But in this instance the fans can only go off what they hear… and from what they have heard “I’m the Crazy One.” But the speed of a lie can never outlast the endurance of the truth.”

something about the cake I want to eat it too
why would I settle for 1 I got two

After winning a NCAA championship you declared for the draft along with Marvin, Raymond, and Sean. How did you feel about getting drafted with the 14th pick by the TWolves?

Being drafted 14th after being projected as a top 15 prospect a year earlier really rubbed me the wrong way.  After winning a championship and sacrificing my own personal goals and becoming national player of the year and shattering school and NCAA records I decided as I always have, that winning is a better path because everyone will be acknowledged in our victories.  During interview processes before the draft, I encountered a lot of negative information reflective of my time at UNC.  There is one thing I know, NBA teams weren’t asking my teammates what kind of guy I was they were asking my coaches. So in that regard I slipped in the draft from a top 3 prospect to the last pick in the lottery. During the Pre draft combines I was ranked first and compared to Dwayne Wade with a Ray Allen Jumpshot, but My only red flag was being “uncoachable.” I wonder where they got that information from.  I was not happy with my draft position but grateful to be drafted, but I knew along with everyone in the class of 2005 who was the best at the Shooting Guard Position.

reaching for the stars,
my scars forever bleeding
feeding me the spark in my heart forever needing

What was the main reason behind your breakout 3rd season?


My breakout season was a reflection of getting an opportunity to play longer then 20 minutes a game.  My rookie year I played 17 minutes per game and averaged 8 points. During my 2nd year I had microfracture surgery which was a major set back.  In the midst of expiring contract and Nike shoe endorsements, I was threatened that if I did not perform and show potential I would lose endorsement and team contracts. The T-Wolves picked up my player option for my 3rd year which allowed me to train and get in prime shape to show a shell of who I could be.  Although I played well it was not good enough to maintain my shoe deal.  My motivation was to show them what I could do and how effective I could be. Which still in return was not enough. 15 points per game in 27 minutes per.

i’m at a point of my life i can’t look back
the blue pill from matrix threw me off track

You were traded to the Kings midway through the 2009 season where you played your last 24 NBA games. 

While I was in Sac my minutes was reduced yet I remained effective. During exit meetings with coach Kenny Nat he expressed to me that he did not put me in a position to succeed and that he was very sorry about it giving my ability.  It was a disappointing transition but also one that gave me a clear mind going into free agency.  As a player we are all unaware what the front office people say about us. It is up to the agent to relay the message and these messages are sugarcoated and never full truth.  So going into free agency I had no Idea what was in store for me.

Within the next year, The Rockets, Cavs and Mavs all wanted to give you a chance but the perception was the feeling was not mutual?


During free agency 2010 I worked out for about 7 teams, Miami being one, Mavs, Rockets, 76ers, Bobcats, Nuggets, and Memphis.  I was injured in Miami workout in which I played very well against their players. I met with Coach Spo and the first thing he told me was that “Rashad looking over your game film and stats its hard to believe you are sitting in front of me, But the teams you have played on have nothing good at all to say about you.”

The Mavs coach Rick Carlisle wanted me to speak with his team doctors to evaluate if I had mental instabilities… that was funny.  They decided to stick with Matt Carroll.  Sixers chose Rodney Carney, Nuggets chose Joey Graham, Bobcats chose Steven Graham, Memphis chose Sam Young, and the Rockets gave me a shot.  It was at that time I had a Sports Hernia and could not attend training camp.

The Cavs situation might be the single most disappointing of my career as my Mom was in remission for breast cancer and I went to care for her.  But the reflection they put out on me was that I blew my chance to play for the worst team in the league. I refuse to continue speaking further about that organization because they speak for themselves.

been around the world seen alot of places
met alot of women and slept with different races

You had a relationship with Khloe Kardashian during the early years of the Kardashian “Reality” tv series and said everything about your appearance on the show was “staged”  How real are reality shows like that and Basketball Wives.

HAHAHA Reality TV is very real – just ask Kris Humpheries and Lamar Odom.  I was just the guy to pop the cherry. I’m just happy I just didn’t eat the fruit as these guys did.

so how can I lie when lies control the truth
how can I rhyme when they control the booth

Who is King Suni Blac and YBG?

Honestly I never met the guy. But it seems he has a lot to say. He is very expressive in his music. I do enjoy listening to his perspective. YBG is a International Entertainment Group. We specialize in giving independent entertainers a platform of free expression. As it should be.

my past life got me where I stand now
I can’t celebrate, gotta put my hands down

What’s the next stage of your life?

Adventure. The world is my next stage…



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