Remembering When Karl Malone Got Dunked On By The Only Player He Would Pay To See – Vince Carter

Published on September 15th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 6,762 views

After the 2000 NBA All-Star Game, hard-to-impress Karl Malone came up to Vince Carter, put his arm around the leading vote getter and said, “I love the way you play the game. I always said I wouldn’t pay to see somebody play but I would pay to come see you play.”

It was the ultimate compliment happening at the height of Vinsanity.

Three years later, Vince was still an All-Star but Vinsanity was starting to wear out a little as the popularity of former teammate Tracy McGrady and Lakers champion Kobe Bryant grew. Bryant would dethrone Vince and become the new leading vote getter for the NBA All-Star game that year but Vince was still giving fans their moneys worth.

Earlier in that season, in a game against Kobe and his new teammate, Karl “looking for a ring and Mexican girls” Malone, Vince reminded the Mail Man why he made that compliment in 2000 by delivering one of the best dunks of the season over him. ┬áIt was a great effort by Malone but a greater play by Vince, who showed Vinsanity was still alive in Toronto.

New school Jazz fans might not remember this 12-year old highlight, but I’m sure they remember seeing a 37-year old Vince dunking on a 22-year old Rudy Gobert last season. I’m sure old and new school French basketball fans also remember this very well.




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